Wali wa tui (coconut rice) has been one of my favorites this past month. My mom is Filipino so I’m used to seeing white rice everyday but the way my host fam makes it in Tanzania is unique. The main differences are using tui (coconut milk or maziwa ya nazi) instead of water and using a jiko instead of a rice cooker, the latter being a lot easier to use. Here is a quick recipe in both English and Kiswahili. Hopefully my Swahili isn’t too off, still learning pole pole (slowly)!

1) Grate the coconut by scraping off the fruit. In Tanzania, they use a contraption called “mbuzi ya nazi”, which is essentially a small bench you sit on that has a blade at the end to shred the coconut. (btw mbuzi also means goat)
2) Pick out the rocks from the rice (uncooked rice is “mchele” in Kiswahili) and shake it. This is really important because you don’t want to accidentally chip a tooth!
3) Wash the rice to remove most of the starch.
4) Strain the coconut shavings three times. Do this by adding hot water to the shavings and squeezing the shavings throughly. The first time should produce the most milk, save this for the last step. The second and third time will produce enough coconut milk for you to start boiling.
5) Add coconut milk to a pot and heat. Once boiling, add the rice.
6) Add a little bit of salt to the coconut milk and stir.
7) Cover and wait for 5 minutes.
8) Add the initial batch of coconut milk.
9) Cover and let the rice return to a boil
10) After 3 minutes, stir and make sure to not let the bottom burn.
11) Remove some charcoal from the jiko and add onto the top of the lid. This will let the rice steam and cook from the top and the bottom.
12) Wait for 15 minutes and it is ready to serve.

We usually eat this with beans and chopped tomatoes and onions. Sometimes we eat it with mchicha, which is spinach. Kitamu sana!

– Nazi (2)
– Maji lita (2)
-Mbuzi ya nazi
– Mchele kilo (1)

1) Kaa katika mbuzi. Tumia mbuzi kukuna nazi.
2) Pepeta mchele wako vizuri. Chambua.
3) Osha mchele.
4) Kamua nazi mara tatu.
5)  Weka tui (maziwa ya nazi) na maji kwenye sufuria. Mara baada ya kuchemsha, ongeza mchele katika sufuria.
6) Ongeza chumvi kidogo. Koroga.
7) Funika na subiri dakika tano.
8) Ongeza tui tena.
9) Funika. Subiri kwa maji ya kuchemsha.
10) Baada ya dakika tatu, koroga sana.
11) Ondoa mkaa kutoka jiko na ongeza juu ya mfuniko.
12) Pika dakika kumi na tano. Wali ipo tayari! 🙂

Kula wali wa tui na maharage na nyanya na vitunguu au mchicha.

Mbuzi ya nazi
My amazing host mama and dada (sister) removing rocks from the rice.

Putting charcoal on top of the pot lid to steam.


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