It is 8:10 am and I’m supposed to be in my CBT class already. Mwalimu Paul (teacher) told us to stay indoors until the rain slowed but it doesn’t seem like that will be happening anytime soon. In Florida, people who have lived up north poke fun at Floridians who break out their hoodies, jackets, and boots as soon as the temperature drops below 70. It’s the same here in my little neighborhood! Aside from the rain and mud, I’m thankful to have the drop in temperature but my host family is all bundled up and have constantly told me “baridi!!!” (cold). They have offered me fabric to drape over my shoulders to keep warm and made the chai extra hot this morning.

I am not looking forward to the muddy walk to school especially because I sprained a toe last week (it isn’t a cool story). I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if I fell in the mud these next few days. The rainy season, I’m told, will last at least until the end of the month. Aside from this past week, it had been unusually dry. There are a few leaks in my room that I noticed after the first downpour so I have been careful to keep important things under my table or covered. I do have a fear that I’ll wake up or come home to a flooded room. Sometimes the rain sounds like it will destroy my tin roof and cause it to topple over me; I don’t think my mosquito net would protect me from that.

As I watch the rain fall down outside from my window, I see the small shop owners bringing all of their produce inside. People are running with kangas over their baby’s head and are trying to get back to shelter as soon as possible. Days are slower here in Tanzania. It takes a lot longer to do a task here because in the states, we usually have some type of machine that can do it for us. The rain makes the day even slower. Soon, the electricity will cut out and we will only have light from one solar lamp. We will have to wait for our charcoal to dry before we can light the jiko (stove) to cook. The clothes that were washed yesterday but not collected from the clothing line will have to be rewashed. Walking will take longer as our sandals inevitably get stuck in the mud. I am excited to observe how my family entertains themselves when we can’t sit on the porch and talk to neighbors. It’s about an hour later since I’ve started writing and the rain has not stopped. Paul told me he will try to leave his house soon though so I guess I’m gonna do the same!  Wish me luck!

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